Our Story

We design and manufacture one of kind Jersey Hangers for athletic teams and In-Store Display Hangers for retail stores and brands. Additionally, we create custom designed hangers for a variety of independent clients, ranging from: individuals and artists to charities and corporations – both for retail and promotional use.

The concept of a hanger featuring original artwork, a logo, or a brand name is to provide a tangible brand footprint directly into the home of the target demographic. For retail stores and brand labels, this promotes continued brand loyalty, providing daily visibility and increasing brand recognition. For artists or creatives, the hangers can function as both standalone art pieces, or be part of larger collection. For these purposes we can offer low quantity runs or limited releases.


Established in 2013 in Sarasota, FL, hung by, INC. is family owned and operated. All hangers are made in America and our production is a Green Initiative. Manufactured in Bradenton, FL and distributed from Sarasota, FL, our clothing hangers are made from 100% recycled ABS plastic. This makes theme incredibly durable, and flexible enough to resist snapping like standard plastic coat hangers do when bent.

Our color palette offers a wide range of colors and finishes, all of which can be previewed here. We can also typically utilize Pantone colors, depending on order size.

We make every hanger to meet a specific projects needs, and can also provide design services upon request. For more information or to request product samples, please inquire here.